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How to Participate

Thank you for your interest in local flavor fundraising. Home Grown loves partnering with organizations in our community and giving back.  

Choose a date on the sign-up that works for your organization. After choosing a date, send your logo to, as well as nonprofit paperwork, the name of your organization and address for a check to be sent two weeks after your event being held.  

Please allow a week for an image to be created and at least a week for your group to publicize the event. 

Once your logo is received a customized promotional image will be made for your group that should be distributed by your organization through social media and print. This can be distributed however you see fit with the exception of being distributed at or around Home Grown.  

10% of qualifying dine in food and beverages including alcohol will be donated back to your organization from your selected date. Events run from 11am- 1am. Excluded are merchandise, gift cards, happy hour food and beverages, daily deals and any other already discounted items.  

We are not always able to accommodate large parties. If you will be coming in with large groups please call ahead for reservations Sometimes large groups will be need to be split into smaller tables or dining times may need to be staggered. 

When people come in to support your organization, they will bringing in printed copies of the image with your logo which is the easiest way, and handing them to the server. Another option is to show an electronic version to the server. The diner should mention that they are doing local flavor fundraising to the server when they arrive, however the image must be shown to the server when the check arrives.  The server will be writing local flavor on the check and saving that check for tallying donations. They will not be expected to remember that your table is participating during the course of the entire meal while taking care of other tables. As much as we would like them to remember, we want to make sure that no tables are missed and therefore ask your groups to assist us at the time the bill is presented.  

While the image created for your group will list dine in only, if we are able to accommodate take out this will apply to take out as well. Occasionally on Mondays the volume of business inside the restaurant does permit us to offer takeout and we don’t want to be misleading by printing on these images that we are able to offer it. You may verbally let people know that it might be an option. 

Thank you so much and we look forward to working with you please reach out if you have any questions. 

Local Flavor Fundraising