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Watermelon and Tomato Gazpacho with Grilled Shrimp

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Chef Andrew Throne, Home Grown Cafe

This is a refreshing chilled summer soup which can be prepared ahead of time. Serves 6 to 8 people 


1 medium watermelon
4 ripe tomatoes
1 cucumber
1 stalk of celery
1 jalapeño (optional)
3 to 4 shrimp per person
6 large mint leaves
1 sprig of mint per person
6 basil leaves
1 oz. feta per person
1 tsp. salt and 1/4 tsp. pepper
1 lemon for garnish

Soup Base and Garnish
Remove the watermelon rind, including any white areas. Cut a one-inch cross-section and dice it into small cubes. Set that aside as you garnish in a small bowl. Peel, then dice, one-third of the cucumber, put that in the small garnish bowl. Cut and add the rest of the cucumber to the large bowl. Using the soup ingredients in the large bowl, begin to puree batches in your blender until smooth, using all the watermelon, tomatoes, cucumber, and celery. Pour that mixture through a fine strainer. And the salt and pepper, using additional seasoning taste.

Preheat your grill. Toss shrimp in oil, salt, and pepper. Grill the shrimp on both sides for 4 minutes each or until doe, depending on the size of your shrimp. Set them aside to chill. 

Additional Garnish
Cube the feta cheese and set aside. Chiffonade the mint and basil leaves. Set cut herbs with diced watermelon and cucumber.

Taste the soup base to see if additional seasoning is needed. Set out a bowl for each person. Place the feta in the center of each bowl. Spread the chiffonade herbs and other garnished in the bow. Place in the shrimp down symmetrically around them. Pour the blended and strained gazpacho over. Place the mont sprig on top of the feta. Finish with a small amount of lemon zest. Enjoy!

Watermelon and Tomato Gazpacho with Grilled Shrimp